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Good WooCommerce web design is crucial for turning website visitors into customers. Ideally, the design of your website should make the purchase process as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible. No matter how good your online advertisements are, you could be losing valuable customers if your website is not optimized for sales.

You could also be wasting your valuable ad dollars if visitors click off of your site the second they get to it.

Every single detail of your website from product images to contact forms could potentially contribute to a user’s decision to make a purchase. That’s why you should keep the user in mind with every single decision you make when it comes to your WooCommerce web design & development.

Proteux ecommerce Development & SEO Digital Marketing

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Proteux woocommerce Development & SEO Digital Marketing

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WooCommerce is a framework that integrates with one of the most popular content management systems, WordPress. Currently WooCommerce has gained over 36% of all online store market.

WordPress, is optimized for content management and boasts an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface. The features of this ecommerce platform reflect the best elements of the underlying CMS. With WooCommerce being a WordPress plugin, any users of WordPress will benefit from being able to recognize the user-friendly WordPress user interface. That kind of familiarity when building an online store could easily save time and effort significantly.

Like Magento, WooCommerce has hundreds of free and paid WooCommerce extensions to support any specific needs of your business.

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Proteux ecommerce Development & SEO Digital Marketing