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Responsive Designing for every platform

Smaller screens mean content will be naturally harder to read, especially if it’s not designed for different devices. Responsive web design means not just fitting a site to a screen, but optimizing it for that specific user’s experience.

No one wants to have to zoom in to view content. Instead, it should follow a layout that makes sense for varying screen sizes.

According to Krug’s first law of usability, the web-page should be obvious and self-explanatory. When you’re creating a site, our job is to get rid of the question marks — the decisions users need to make consciously, considering pros, cons and alternatives.

Proteux website design

The keep it simple-principle (KIS) should be the primary goal of site design.

Proteux website design

We are not afraid Of The White Space

When a new visitor approaches a design layout, the first thing he/she tries to do is to scan the page and divide the content area into digestible pieces of information. Complex structures are harder to read, scan, analyze and work with.

  • We provide the user with a clear and consistent conceptual structure. Consistency, screen layout, relationships and navigability are important concepts of Design organization.
  • We do the most with the least amount of cues and visual elements. Four major points to be considered: simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, and emphasis.
  • The user interface must keep in balance legibility, readability, typography, symbolism, multiple views, and color or texture in order to communicate successfully.
  • Conventions are very useful as they reduce the learning curve, the need to figure out how things work.

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Proteux website design